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This song is, in a way, a confession to my mother.

As a child she was married to a very violent career criminal and the unspeakable things I saw him do to her really affected me as a kid.

It was something I buried inside myself for a long time, and really never had a way to express to my loved ones.

The first few lines in the track are my interpretation of my mom not understanding why I slept all day when I could. She never understood it was my only escape.

The rest of the track is from the perspective of a very misguided angry man.
I spent a very long time thinking of what I would do to my step dad if I ever had the chance.

All the times I looked up his address, where he lives, what he’s doing… ironically becoming what I hated the most.

This track to me represents if I had followed through and found him. Making him feel like a helpless child.

I wrote this song to be a positive message stemming from a very negative thing, and I hope it helps in its own way.

-Chris Roberts


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